• NSP supplements and health

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    Dec 28

    P. “Why do we need to take supplements NSP? Today we can say: “Panacea? No thank you. No if people will take time to dietary supplements, it is likely that many cases of drugs they can and do forget for years to come. BAD can be divided into several groups: – The first group of dietary supplements – nutraceuticals – funds operating deficit in the body of necessary substances: vitamins, vitamins, minerals, essential amino acids, polyunsaturated fatty acids, enzymes – the second group of dietary supplements – parapharmacy – substances which are the main active principle extracts and herbal formula (herbal) – a third group of dietary supplements – probiotics – live beneficial bacteria that restores the natural microflora in the body.I, unfortunately, medical students about still do not govoritsya. For example, zinc, selenium, boron and drugih. Dadali VA Head of the Department of Biochemistry, St. For centuries people have searched for a miraculous panacea – a cure for all bolezney. Regulyarnoe – it is best that today man can do for your health. Chto side effects of dietary supplements, then according to the WHO (World Health Organization health), it is negligible and is measured only hundredths of a percent, while on treatment with drugs (the same data) is sick, one in five people (in Russia to 40%). I most offensive – among the erring many medikov. Petersburg Medical Academy. – This concentrates the natural organic food and biologically active substances extracted from the raw materials of animal, marine, mineral, food or medicinal plants or concentrate. - This substance, which the human body can not synthesize itself should do every day in our body.

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