• Vegetarian food – it’s great for body, mind, soul, and the Planet

    Over the last decade we have witnessed an avalanche of scientific knowledge, which gave mankind more information than the entire previous history. Through hard research scientists and physicians, we are better than ever it was, we understand processes occurring in the human body, and we know what contributes to good health. As soon as it becomes increasingly apparent benefit from observing a vegetarian diet in the world is constantly growing number vegetariantsev. Polzu vegetarianism at all times recognize the many great philosophers, mystics, saints and enlightened minds. These include such famous personalities as Leo Tolstoy, Albert Schweitzer, Percy Shelley Vichy, George Bernard Shaw, Leonardo da Vinci and Mahatma Gandhi. Only recently, science has confirmed the view, which held such great soul. More and more people realize that such a power system can improve the health of body, mind, soul, and bring great benefit to our entire planete. Polza vegetarian diet promoted in numerous books, popular science magazines and newspaper articles. Doctors and nutritionists everywhere talking about the need to reduce consumption of meat, eggs, and foods high in fat. They call for an increase in the proportion of the human diet of fruits, vegetables and grain nor ground, helping to reduce cholesterol in the body and reduces the risk of hypertension, stroke, heart disease and cancer. The results of medical research have a major influence on the activity of the food industry and catering. More and more products produced without the use of raw materials of animal origin. Twenty years ago on the menu was almost no vegetarian dishes. Now there are salad bars, and the menu of most restaurants a great variety of delicious vegetarian dishes. In many cities there are vegetarian restaurants and stores that sell organic foods. Many famous actors, singers and athletes in the West adhere to a vegetarian diet and confirmed its enormous benefits. Those who wish to experience the benefits of vegetarianism, will find that this diet due to the life and health can be greatly improved.


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