• Advantages of product “Siberian health”

    Aug 7

    But who can guarantee that this BAA will be interesting to the consumer and demand in the market? Output – quality control of finished products. Even though our products are good shelf life (up to 2 years), which guarantees the claimed effect within that period, yet it should be noted that the product made three months ago, has a high concentration of biologically active substances, rather than the product of 2 – a year ago. The “scientific” justification for the use of such supplements is information on the known properties of the plants included in it, or once held clinical and research about the individual components of this dietary supplement. Another important aspect of quality. It suffices to look through the guide to dietary supplements, go to the Internet, extract some new-fangled or exotic plants and create them on the basis of a new dietary supplement. Each Institute has its own priority, and under the direction of it and carries out its development. No matter how talented scholar may be, he can not cover the breadth of those innovations that are now available in Russia. BAA today – it’s not just a powder or capsule is – exactly standardized, ie defined in grams, miles or micrograms of biologically active substances. The creation of such products – fashion. Research and Innovation Center (SIC) of Siberian Health Corporation in the development of biologically active additives (BAA), there are two extremes: first – it is believed that dietary supplements do is very simple. The same product, but under different brands can get into competing companies, pharmacy, the retail trade network, etc. S. Own production of well-known fact: in the U. In fact, SIC brought together leading research institutes in Russia, the best innovations and has created the best recipe! To be sure of the effectiveness of specific dietary supplements, you need to know what amount of biologically active substances present in it.

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