• Manimeyking and health

    Dec 26

    I’ll start a little series of articles about our health. Suddenly, for no apparent reason manifested itself not a serious injury an old back. Kak for some talk about running, as I do and it gives me that. In the end, all this led to serious problems, I could not work properly, could not sleep, started chronic ustalost. If you have an unhealthy spine, no matter how industrious you are, forget about the productive rabote.:) I will not give specific activities and exercises, as well as what to do to keep a healthy spine (in other words a beautiful posture). There may be a banal “unhealthy” body. Backbone – the foundation of the skeleton, passes through billions of nerves. What should I do? To get started just jogging at least 2 times per week, 2-5 miles at a convenient time for you and 5 minutes of exercise every day in the morning. Therefore, I do not recommend you run this delo. Zdorove spine. You’ll sleep soundly 10 hours, and it will seem that you do not get enough sleep and will often wake up just killed. If anyone interested in what I do specifically, I write in the comments, write… By the way, no one makes jogging in the morning every day, going to the pool and in trenazherku. After a year away, I started to feel some discomfort in the spine in the area of? Chto the doctor said?

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