• Biolit guard of women’s health

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    Feb 24

    With modern hardware, instrumentation and laboratory studies physicians are fully informed about the status of its neuropsychiatric, hormonal and immune status, as well as the characteristics of ultrasound of the pelvic organs, breast and thyroid cancer. However, the laws of the world of pharmacology require manufacturers of dietary supplements fully standards-compliant GMP. Together with specialists from the regional health care in 2009 were carried out clinical trials of dietary supplements herbal Altai, developed and manufactured by LLC “Biola”, with a view to their possible use in treatment of mastitis and a variety of gynecological disorders. Semashko and medical-diagnostic center SSMU, and soon will begin receiving and Strezhevoy. Chem. Science Valentina Burkov, as head of OOO “Biola” is always doing everything possible that would be the company’s products meet international standards. It is noteworthy that the Academy of Natural Sciences, Dr. Each 9-th Russian woman becomes ill with breast cancer, 30% of them – at the age of 45 years. The proposed scheme to this therapy for the practical application of health of plant origin were not evidence and were not always effective. The purpose of the diagnostic part of the program – is to identify patients with a precancerous condition, ie, with mastopathy.

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