• Dec 16

    This is a method to help yourself to do what is necessary, but not enough will power to force yourself. Read again the first part of the article and decide, “What do you want? Ya health, prosperity and happiness. We are happy to do (or not fun) that is included in the concept of “comfort zone”. Why? And a little advice. You can find many other sources. Principles of the approach are the same. Nachnem with the fact that our actions control our habits. This will be your first habit: “Learn to think about what most want,” This is not a new technique. Read the book of John Kehoe thin “subconscious can all” Better yet, work through it with a pencil in my hand – I wish you all a very pomozhet. It does not matter, it concerns the health of, or building a successful business. Navernoe already guessed where I’m going. No to do what is not part of our “comfort zone” (which we used to do), we must make efforts to push yourself. Otherwise, what sense to spend your precious time to read “this is nonsense,” as in his review for the first part, Anatoly V. That’s right. Because of these do not particularly think about and control your mind and your actions. And this is us just do not like, do not want to do it.