• Dec 28

    Getting in an unfavorable environment or a company in which each participant smokes, drinks or takes drugs, teen does not want to be a “black sheep” and tries harmful to his body substance. Adolescence – a rather difficult period in life when fundamental changes occur, both in spiritual and physical well-being. Need to instill in him a positive attitude to healthy lifestyles, to talk about reproductive health, as well as to share with your teen information about changes in the body during puberty, as well as family planning. Teenagers also need to know about serious illnesses, sexually transmitted diseases such as AIDS, syphilis, and many others. Ogromneyshee physical health of each young person have a bad habit, the most common of which are smoking, alcohol abuse, drug addiction and substance abuse. In most cases, bad habits get those teenagers who engaged in no leisure time. Most often, teenagers are observed violations of weight, lack of calcium or a vitamin (which leads to dry skin, brittle nails and hair loss), eating disorders, acne and skin rashes and many other diseases. Communicating with a teenager in a calm atmosphere, without raising his voice, he will feel confidence in you and will not be afraid to share with you the most cherished. Esche factor affecting the health of a teenager is watching movies, broadcasts, video games, hobby, music. How do feel at this moment a teenager? With a lack or overabundance of a substance in the body teenager may have various health problems. It is therefore necessary to conduct special interviews with teens about the dangers of smoking, alcohol and drugs, give them examples of life as well as to monitor their environment in a company, they spend their free time.

    X had some interest, useful for teenagers will visit clubs. Esche one very significant point is that sex education of adolescents. It is therefore important to give parents their children, adolescents more attention, to communicate with them, to focus on their passions, dreams and desires. The teenager – not a little, but not yet an adult, not formed personality. The problem of mental health of adolescents is one of the most important and serious problems of society. Adolescent relationship appears, which can cause serious health problems, and even worse, death. It is therefore necessary cheer teenager to respect his desire to become for him drugom. In general, adolescents need to find some occupation that interested him, entice and reveal all its talanty.