• Dec 3

    ). At present this area is considered one of the most promising in preventive medicine, as it allows to work on the earliest causes of many diseases. Vernadsky, IP Pavlov, who believed that “human life is nothing more authoritative than the rhythm. Chronobiology – a relatively young science, which in addition to studying the relationship between biorhythms and human health has been developing methods and tools for restoration and harmonization of disturbed biological rhythms. As you know, periodic changes are not unique to the human body, but also the environment. Reached our days treatises of Hippocrates and Avicenna, in which considerable space was given to a healthy lifestyle based on the correct phase sequence and active recreation. During the day, our bodies are mostly configured for processing the accumulated nutrients to get energy for an active daily life. Corporation “Siberian health” one of the first to practice the principles of modern chronobiology and in conjunction with leading national experts in this field has developed the first specialized line of chronobiological correction. ” Ivan Mikhailovich Smirnov, Ivan Petrovich Pavlov, Sechenov Vernadsky In humans, depending on time of day, cyclically changing physiological state, their intellectual capabilities, and even mood. Thus, civilization inevitably destroys our natural biological rhythms.