• Dec 24

    According to Telegraph, a girl, “added” at least 15-20 pounds, so it looked “healthy”! True, the reaction to the criticism was unhealthy. And what about other publications? Her bones stuck out, legs and arms were no thicker than matches, and overall it looked very unhealthy. The fact that the magazine Healthy company “End Holland Barrett» (Holland & Barrett) was caught at fraud with images turned out to be just the tip of aysberga. It turns out that Camille was the Lord of the shooting in such a way that any clothes, even the smallest size, it was hanging on. ” Look at the smiling model Camilla Bishop, who introduced the Healthy magazine cover of the April issue. Eti images can be called “Before and After. The Director Eleni Renton modeling agency believes that the mere fact that retouching of images for such publications – a sign of ill health. Show this kind was impossible. Instead of shooting for the cover of people with normal physiological parameters, they began to process the image in Photoshop pathological hudyshek. Industriya fantastic health and beauty makes tremendous momentum, exploiting the imposed paradigm and behavioral patterns. Skinny models, balancing on the verge of anorexia are a perversion, which is issued by the norm. “This girl had to be fed and sent home to heal, and not” pump up “its image with additional pounds” – added Mrs. Renton. This story has identified several problem areas of modern health industry. Of course, completeness is hazardous to health and the fight against excess weight for the modern woman is very urgent. First, the thinness is not synonymous with health, but rather the opposite. Thus, in the subconscious mind and introduced an unattainable ideal, the pursuit of which brings international companies pribyli.


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