• Nov 24

    Walking – one of the ways to fulfill the norms of physical activity “- says the study’s lead author Jakub Settlmeyr School of Medicine at Harvard in the name of Bostone. Naibolee effective walking saves from a hemorrhagic stroke. Quick step reduces the risk by 68%, duration of not less than two hours a week – 57% (for ischemic stroke reduction by 25% and 21% respectively). And if speed step is not less than 4. During 11. Total researchers collected data on 39 315 American women who work in health care. Kazhdye two or three years women reported how often during the last year they walked, ran, rode a bicycle, actively danced, played tennis, spend time at the gym, doing aerobics, Yoga – taking into account all types of exercise, but housekeeping and professional activities. V overall physical activity reduces stroke risk by 25? 8 kilometers per hour), busy (up to 6. If you can not talk, then the rate is excessive and the rate can be reduced. O walking, scientists reported in the journal Po to experts of the American Heart Association, an adult must be at least 150 minutes a week to experience a moderate load, or at least spend 75 minutes on the energetic benefits rabotu. Participants in the study also reported, at what rate they usually go: walking (up to 3.