• Dec 6

    How many useful things around! And this is the main error. How many useful things. V general articles, I do not aim to a detailed description of everything that is related to our health. A huge variety of fruits and vegetables, seafood, and green tea. Nam constantly needed · Proteins, carbohydrates and fats · Amino acids (including the so-called essential), and vitamins · Micro-and makroelementyPriroda delivers all of these substances. Lack of magnesium, iron, vitamins B6 and B12 all can cause pain, anxiety, fear and various narusheniy. The absence or deficiency of certain elements in the body are themselves the cause of pain and low resistance to stress. And you will live happily ever after. Let us deal with. Nutrition and Health. V the same time, the excess of certain substances leads to negative consequences. Everything is essentially biochemical processes, including the occurrence of pain and even cause and also a reaction to stress. While my main purpose to explain to you how important nutrition and physical activity, issues of admission of mineral supplements and vitamins. Vsya – it’s metabolic processes in our body. If it is difficult to understand. In fact, it is important to achieve balance and harmony. Why kill yourself excess flour, sugar, salt, tremors, bad fats, and alcohol.