• Dec 12

    And changing your lifestyle, we can reduce these factors. – Sign up for dance lessons with your spouse – this benefit and pleasure! And an annual chest x-rays! Of course a lot of problems in our medical care now, but it is better to prevent disease than to treat it! Pillar number 5: A positive attitude and a system of personal values. Pillar number 2: Exercise. Do you agree? Many think – where is it from? Many risk factors – for example, a lot of weight – risk for heart and t. – Go for a walk with your spouse or play outdoors with kids – get a double benefit and strengthen health and family relationships! All have long known that the happy and optimistic people are generally healthier and live longer! Pillar number 4: Useful micronutrients – vitamins, minerals, fitonetrienty – active substances of plants. I want all the same to continue to share tips from the book for optimal health! And many would say – no time to exercise and no money to visit fitness clubs! But daily exercise should not be time-consuming – for example – use the stairs instead of the elevator! Note that many stars as one of the secrets of beauty and allocate adequate sleep Pillar number 7: Good medical care. But we can make “local” measures – air conditioners, air ionizers, water filters, high-quality household products for cleaning and washing and a lot of little things that help to clean our climate in the home, at work – and this is a step towards health! Pillar number 1: Reduce your risk factors for chronic diseases.