• Dec 23

    Polnotsennoe physical development and health of the child – is the foundation of forming lichnosti. Let us turn to the “Dictionary of Russian Language” SI Ozhegova: “Correct, the normal activity of the body. As mentioned above, children’s health depends not only on their physical characteristics, but also on the level of health, education, health awareness and hygiene awareness of the population, socio-economic and environmental situation in the country. Za recent years, apparently healthy school children (groups 1 and 2 health) decreased in grade from 61% to 46%. Thus, the incidence of children affects not only the health of the child, but also causes significant damage to the country’s workforce. Need to search for new approaches to recovery, based on multivariate analysis of external influences, monitoring the health status of each child’s account and using the features of his body, differentiation of preventive measures. According to figures published in government reports on health status, 60% of children aged 3-7years practically healthy, but have functional abnormalities in health: 30-40% of preschool children and 20-30% of preschool age-neurological manifestations, 30-40% – deviation from the musculoskeletal system, 20-25% – of the nasopharynx; 10-23% – allergic reactions, 10 – 25% – of the cardiovascular system, etc. “VA Suhomlinskiy. “That is why the issue of health should be considered in a broad social context. “Health is an important integral indicator, reflecting the biological characteristics of the child, socio-economic condition of the country, the conditions of upbringing and education of children, their family life, environmental quality, development of care services, maternal and child health, in the end – the state’s attitude to the problems of mothers and children. For every supernumerary fourth sick leave granted to care for a sick child. ” The Constitution of the World Health Organization states that health – is not merely the absence of disease or infirmity, but a complete physical, mental and social well-being.