• Mar 5

    So to him, then should not be treated lightly. Dlya what to move and what it does? ” And that’s just nachalo. In today’s world people barely moving: at work, especially mentally, he was a whole day sitting in a chair, gets to work by bus or car, the house lies all the time watching television. At the same time giving a uniform load on all muscle groups. The movement causes the muscles to work, and it activates the capillaries in them. But as soon as you notice that the game is no longer fun, then do not keep it, do not try to act violently – you must move nravitsya. Vot list of potential problems that may arise due to lack of motion: – because of the resistance vessels of blood flow may occur later blood pressure – blood flow is hampered and that causes swelling, and stagnation of blood increases the risk of blood clots – depression occurs because the body without exercise produces endorphins poorly – “matter of pleasure. Poetomu spine stretching exercises are particularly important. Interes movement may occur in some mobile games, to ensure they were invented. Such congestion is also dangerous for the body, especially in the elderly. To do this, simply rotate the head in different directions, hands massaging his neck, to improve blood flow. It brings oxygen and carries away waste products, so that the body is a natural process of metabolism.

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