• How to stay healthy for many years to come?

    Nov 7

    Minerals in the water and their bodies. “What the film” HEALTH – wise fee? My now suffer from the domination of blatant advertising cheap pharmacy pseudo-vitamin and do not realize that a healthy diet and quality supplements are expensive. Can they help us? • Will we be a lot of food? • Vitamins disabilities. The film will be interesting and networker who are engaged in Badami and conventional lyudyam. • What is the impact on our drugs? Nam need reliable information and professional opinion! The film “HEALTH – wise fee” – a healthy lifestyle! As the saying goes – “It would be great – the rest will follow…”, but we remember about their health only when we start to lose it… Why, despite the millions of physicians and certified medical progress, modern equipment in the clinics and a wide variety of drugs in pharmacies, you and I get sick, more than any animal that lives in the natural environment. Therefore, fewer people think that they personally will not affect this situation, because today they still feel horosho. What’s really scary – is that we are passing the disease is inherited to their children. • Dear urine. • How much food containing micronutrients daily rate? • The main problem – lack of vital minerals the body needs. And that it then was. • Why live in the mountains, 120 – 140 years? HEALTH – is one of the priceless gift that is given only once! Why so few people live to 100 years in the health and happiness? Why modern people suffer more than any other animal! • Discover also how to influence us today about drugs and their side effects. • The processes in the cells of our body. • As a farmer fertilizes the soil? What are dietary supplements and how they affect the health of our body.

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