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    Oct 1

    Breast is now clearly regarded as a precancerous condition that affects 60% of women and 80% – are at the same time and gynecological pathology. Herbal remedies, designed and produced by LLC “Biola”, have been investigated in the framework of scientific-practical program “Health of Women” and proved highly effective. Each 9-th Russian woman becomes ill with breast cancer, 30% of them – at the age of 45 years. Now herbal remedies can be selected individually on the testimony of every woman after conducted due diligence, that increases the effectiveness of multiple treatment and reduces the risk of developing breast cancer. Semashko and medical-diagnostic center SSMU, and soon will begin receiving and Strezhevoy. Woman comprehensively surveyed experts: mammologists, gynecologist, oncologist, endocrinologist and neuropsychiatrists. Breast Cancer – leading cause of death of the female population today. Currently, both abroad and in Russia herbal drugs are in high demand. The purpose of the diagnostic part of the program – is to identify patients with a precancerous condition, ie, with mastopathy. Currently in Russia there was a catastrophic situation with a woman’s health.

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