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    Feb 13

    A specially designed control system monitors the sales of precision and accuracy of all transactions, so you can always see how many have earned, and your guaranteed 25% you will receive up to a month. For that you get 10-12% of the wholesale turnover of your entire structure. «Siberian health” – is one of the most dynamic companies in the direct sales industry. We have built a system of training and career development so that the business of the Corporation was able to quickly enter each active person. Equity Research and Innovation Center. Investing in labor and talent available to everyone, beneficial and useful work, together we care about the future – ours, our children and our country. The most dynamic update process recipes and product range. Company’s direct sales do not spend millions on advertising of products, so buyers pay less while receiving individual advice and quality products. The Corporation offers its clients not only innovative products protected by patents and past clinical trials. Production Corporation «Siberian health” is popular today in many countries. Our partners are working successfully in Russia and the CIS, Europe, Asia and USA. Tens of thousands of success stories of people from different countries and continents. A world in which everyone has the opportunity to become healthy, financially prosperous, and a personality to be recognized along with the Corporation! Advantages of the Corporation “Siberian Health”: Local production allows the best price / quality ratio. A way forward for the promotion of products, we chose direct sales as the most promising business model. Our mission – to create a world for human health.

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    • Why «Siberian health? The Company has two types of income: Personal selling – it’s a guaranteed 25% retail profit on products you sell yourself or your clients have purchased on your recommendation. In 2010, the Company’s increase in turnover of more than 81%. Equity Research and Innovation Center. Building a sales structure – ie the creation of a
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