• Nov 4

    This is an opportunity to make a lesson from what happened and see the positive side. And if you can do something good to give to others, and they tell you too. We only need to be able to take it and be thankful. Folk wisdom has formulated this principle in the proverb: “Whatever is done for the best. This does not necessarily have to be a sport, it physical labor in the garden, cleaning the house or snow in the yard and TE actually not such a big load of man needs to maintain its vitality. In the world there is something unknown, the unknown that are above us. Stress is normal, it can not escape no one. Preserve the health of a permanent positive attitude helps, and the ability to view the events in a constructive light. Material component, especially now that strong effect on the health and his return with the medicine. Suppose you cut in the workplace. ” We can much more than we think, and this resource should be used. Zdorove as happiness, everyone understands her. Act to eliminate the causes of stress or change relevant to the situation. How to maintain a sense of this inner and outer harmony. Life gave me a chance to find more interesting, more appropriate, and quite probably more financially profitable business. Man is in a certain network of human relationships. What should I do? For example a 20 minute walk every day, but some do not: for them life is a car, TV, computer. The pleasure of physical activity. You need to have a reliable system of views on life. Only 10% of our health depends on the medicine, the remaining 90% of us samih.